Produced in cooperation with Getty. 61cm x 91cm oil on stretched canvas painted entirely with a knife. A high level of contrast is provided and the colours made extremely rich, bold and lustrous, thus creating a very contemporary feel overall. It’s a large, very dramatic, passionate, emotive, moody and atmospheric figurative dance painting that would […]

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Fine Art Framing Details. Serene Tranquillity. Framed original oil painting in my studio

Fine Art Framing Details All original oil paintings are supplied framed as noted in the image description, though they can be supplied unframed if required and the frame cost will be discounted from the price. I always recommend framing original oil paintings and note that I do not paint the edges of stretched canvas. Original […]

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Divine Grace – Caitlin Lockwood

Divine Grace - Caitlin Lockwood. Fine art original oil painting on a 91cm x 61cm stretched canvas created in 2009 using a knife. Produced in cooperation with Dan Fisico and Caitlin. Original available.

Dancer Caitlin’s elegance and beauty of form, movement and expression is simply Divine Grace… As Caitlin said herself in an interview, she loves to feel and breathe the dance itself… Produced in cooperation with Caitlin and Dan Fisico (Thanks Caitlin and Dan) Painted entirely with a knife. A high level of contrast is provided and […]

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