Dance Emotion – Alicia Alonzo

Dance Emotion - Alicia Alonzo. Produced in cooperation with Time Inc.

Dance Emotion – Alicia Alonzo This is one of my favourite oil paintings, created on a 91cm x 122cm canvas – See my Artist’s Statement for details how. Alicia is simply beautiful and elegant. (RIP Alicia…) She’s a classical ballerina and this composition is full of drama, emotion and flowing movement as she gracefully sweeps […]

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Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing with the Stars’ fine art oil painting on a 91cm x 122cm stretched canvas created using a knife. Please excuse the blurred photo and glare as I cannot scan it for a week… I hope you like it? I do… If you do, please like and share. I hope my publisher likes it… Produced […]

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Dance Finalé

Dance Finalé. Produced in cooperation with Getty.

I loved this painting and soooo hoped it wouldn’t sell when exhibited. But, it did. So, I will do a follow up! If Hollywood can do sequels, so can I. Interestingly, one member of my inner circle privately commented while it was being varnished that it was like they were on the Moon. I never […]

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New Artwork

Here is a selection of my new artwork. Some of these paintings are currently being exhibited in Taipei, some are sold and some are still available. For further details of the paintings and their availability, take a look at the gallery. For purchases of originals or prints, please go to my How to order page […]

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Artwork Galleries of Fine Art. Solitaire. Produced in cooperation with Shay Wieder.

The grace, poise, silence, innocence, concentration, solitude –  Solitaire… Produced in cooperation with Shay Wieder (Thanks Shay) Painted entirely with a knife. A high level of contrast is provided and the colours made extremely rich, bold and lustrous, thus creating a very contemporary feel overall. It’s a large, very dramatic, passionate, emotive, moody and atmospheric […]

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