Tango Fine Art

Dancers - Tango and Ballroom Gallery. Last Tango in Paris. Fine art original oil painting on a 91cm x 61cm stretched canvas created in 2007 using a knife. Produced in cooperation with Natalie Laruccia, Walter Perez and Sandra Antognazzi. Original available. Framed = £1,850

Tango Fine Art I love to paint in a series and my Tango Series was quite a large collaborative one comprising of 15 paintings, with a variation of styles, themes and size. See my ARTIST’S STATEMENT for details of the techniques I use. There’s a very high level of fine detail in these carefully composed, […]

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Artistes Independants Exhibition – Paris Art Capital 2019 Art Fair.

X-Power Gallery, Taiwan, Taipei

  I will shortly be visiting the Artistes Independants  exhibition in the Art Capital 2019 Art Fair in Paris. I absolutely love conducting and visiting art exhibitions! If you are a gallery, agent, publisher, licensor, collector, customer or exhibition organiser in the area and would like to discuss an art related opportunity, please let me […]

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