Art In The City Exhibition – Gloucester Cathedral

Art in the City Exhibition - Gloucester Cathedral. Dancers - Ballet Art Gallery. Secret Rehearsal. Fine art original oil painting on a 91cm x 61cm stretched canvas created in 2017 using a knife. Produced in cooperation with Getty. Original available.

Art In The City Exhibition – Gloucester Cathedral My painting Secret Rehearsal has been selected from the Art In The City Open Competition to exhibit in the beautiful Gloucester Cathedral from Tuesday 13 August to Thursday 5 September 2019. If you are in the area, call in and let me know what you think! Secret […]

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Billboard Contest – Vote For My Artwork

Artwork galleries of fine art. The Passion of Dance - Drew Jacoby. Produced in cooperation with Marty Sohl and Drew.

Billboard Contest – Vote For My Artwork Help. I need somebody, help. Not just anybody. Help… Seriously though, I need 250 votes for my artwork to be shortlisted for featuring on billboards throughout Los Angeles in the USA in the Fine Art America Billboard Contest – Vote For My Artwork. I’ve submitted 3 images of […]

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Face Off.. ! A few quick photo’s of faces from my paintings..

Face Off - Private Dancer headshot

Face Off.. ! A few quick photo’s of headshots and faces from currently available oil paintings, though a few are reserved for upcoming exhibitions… All artwork is created using my trusty palette knife… That rich, smooth, creamy sensation is so nice, like buttering toast… Each of these are painted in 3 layers, wet on wet, […]

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Feature in Berkshire Life – January 2019

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I was very fortunate to be interviewed for a feature in the January edition of Berkshire Life magazine, as per the attached photo. The theme of the January issue is Confidence, hence my painting Subtle Confidence is a perfect match! The original and prints are available should you be interested! My sincere thanks to the […]

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Freedom in Sax

Musicians and Singers Art Gallery. Freedom in Sax - Sam Rivers. Fine art original oil painting on a 91cm x 61cm stretched canvas created in 2018 using a knife. Produced in cooperation with Michael Cuscuna and Mosaic Records. Original available via Headrow Gallery, 588 Harrogate Road, Alwoodley, Leeds , West Yorkshire LS17 8DP. Contact Max on 07969575747. Framed = £1,495

Freedom in Sax – Sam Rivers Based in Boston, Sam was born in 1923 and died in 2011 aged 88. A bebop derived ‘inside-out’ free jazz advocate… Here he’s playing Soprano Saxophone and Sam played several instruments in addition. Pure passion! Fine art oil painting on a 61cm x 91cm stretched canvas created entirely using […]

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Scanning Services

Fine Art Scanning Services I am able to offer Fine Art Scanning Services to artists who either cannot source or afford a high quality scanning service: Scanner: I use an Epson Expression 12000XL professional graphic arts A3 flatbed scanner and Silverlight scanning software. Media scanned: I am able to scan any type of flat faced […]

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Fine Art Artwork Commissions - Sacrifice in the customer's home

Fine Art Artwork Commissions: I am always willing to consider undertaking certain oil on canvas painting or pastel fine art commissions, dependant upon the subject matter, for which I specialize in figurative artwork such as portraits, figures, dancers, ballerinas and tasteful nudes. Each commissioned work is individually priced, considering the level of detail and size […]

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