Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing with the Stars’ fine art oil painting on a 91cm x 122cm stretched canvas created using a knife. Please excuse the blurred photo and glare as I cannot scan it for a week… I hope you like it? I do… If you do, please like and share. I hope my publisher likes it… Produced […]

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A work in progress and an insight…

I am often asked about my environment, tools and techniques, so here’s a very brief insight without giving too much away, using a few images of my current project as I’m creating artwork for on an upcoming exhibition in my studio. Knives: I have lots of painting knives but the one in use here is […]

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Fine Art Artwork Commissions - Sacrifice in the customer's home

Fine Art Artwork Commissions: I am always willing to consider undertaking certain oil painting on canvas fine art commissions, dependant upon the subject matter, for which I specialize in figurative artwork such as portraits, figures, dancers, ballerinas, musicians and tasteful nudes. Each commissioned work is individually priced, considering the level of detail and size of […]

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Caring for Artwork

How to order fine art. The Passion of Dance print on granite in the USA. Wow factor...

Caring for Fine Art Artwork: In order that your artwork will retain its beauty for many years to come, and potentially increase in value over time, this should be a brief but helpful guide to caring for fine art artwork within your home. In alphabetical order only: Accidents: Even a small amount of water from […]

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