Into the Light

Into the Light. Fine art original oil painting on a 91cm x 61cm stretched canvas created in 2018 using a knife. Produced in cooperation with Peter Kolchin. Original available. Framed = £3,813

I am settled in my new studio and office and have set up my new scanner. The first painting scanned is ‘Into the Light’, a fine art 61cm x 91cm oil painting on canvas, created entirely using a knife, in cooperation with Peter Kolchin (Thanks Peter) I previously posted a blurred photo only. This is […]

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Dance Finalé

Dance Finalé. Produced in cooperation with Getty.

I loved this painting and soooo hoped it wouldn’t sell when exhibited. But, it did. So, I will do a follow up! If Hollywood can do sequels, so can I. Interestingly, one member of my inner circle privately commented while it was being varnished that it was like they were on the Moon. I never […]

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