In and Around the Taipei Art Exhibition

Images from in and around the Taipei Art Exhibition. It was a fun and exciting exhibition. It was great to meet friends and also great to meet customers – See the featured image.   Advertisements

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2020 Dark and Moody R Young Art Calendar Header: Acoustic Serenade January: Exquisite Reflection February: Bailarina a Solas del Flamenco March: EMOTIONAL SAX April: LOOKING FOR LOVE May: Nightcap June and July: CHEERS August: In the Midnight Hour September: CASUAL SAX October: THE TEMPTATION OF TANGO November: IMAGINE - JOHN LENNON December: Emotional Cellist

Fine Art Wall Calendars Here are image files for all of my Fine Art Wall Calendars created since 2005. Each calendar has the image artwork titles in the description for ease of reference. Those Originals that are still available for purchase are in CAPITAL text and almost all are available as Prints. See my How to […]

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