Casual Sax – Original Oil Painting


Casual Sax – John Gilmore is the fourth fine art figurative oil painting in my series entitled ‘Sax in the City’ for an exhibition of which there were 6 in the City (Leeds), produced on collaboration with Michael Cucscuna and Mosaic Records and created on a 91cm x 61cm stretched cotton canvas using a knife, as is my trademark technique, in a limited colour palette and mixing only on the canvas.

John Gilmore was born in 1933 and died in 1995 ages 63. A Bebop derived avant-garde jazz and free jazz tenor saxophonist.

The chiaroscuro technique, minimalist background and high contrast lighting adds to the atmosphere. Turn up the volume on a cool, laid back jazz music featuring melodic sax, dim the lights, pour a glass of something special, and relax…

The high resolution close up section is taken from my original scan file, so it’s extremely detailed and shows the exceptional quality of the original artwork.

I create all original oil paintings entirely using a knife, in a limited colour palette and mixing only on the canvas, in a contemporary realism style. The technique employed is a form of segmented alla prima, completed in three wet on wet layers during each painting session: Firstly the dark shadows and undertones, then mid tones and finally the highlights and light glaze effects. I complete the underpainting layer in a lean black paint allowing the sweeping knife application textures to remain and effect the main subject in the second layer which transition into the deep shadows in a drybrush technique by scraping back.

My figurative compositions are influenced and inspired by the realism and romanticism of my favourite post renaissance classical Masters and their timeless, romantic masterpieces. William Bouguereau in particular. They predominantly entail high contrast, dramatic lighting and shading, as I simply adore light and am fascinated with its arguably undue influence on any subject. With the subjects, I aim to capture a carefully composed aloof anonymity in a moody atmosphere with the drama, passion and emotion in a frozen realism, rather than characteristic individual representation of a traditional portrait.

Each painting is totally unique and painstakingly hand crafted by myself with extreme passion and fine detail in every aspect. An original oil painting is the ultimate art form for discerning collectors when only the very best in fine art is acceptable and they require a statement piece to adorn their home for many years. Whether the same original artwork remains in the same place year round, or several pieces are alternated with the seasons, original fine art says something about the collector’s taste and personality.

Unframed: This original is supplied unframed for discerning collectors who have a preference to purchase their own bespoke frame to suit their personal taste that complements both the artwork and their home décor.
Framed: As an option, this original can be supplied framed and ready to hang in an extremely high quality, 2cm deep, 5cm wide, textured solid black wood, contemporary frame, for a sophisticated contemporary appearance. See the loose frame images in the product gallery for details. Note that it’s shown framed and hung in a black and silver frame just for demonstration purposes.

Because there can be only one…

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This beautiful original oil painting is reserved for the following exhibition and I will be in attendance each day for a while, so if you will be in the area and plan to visit, please let me know…

13 – 17 May 2021: ART – World Trade Centre, Taipei, Taiwan.


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