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The following is a list of some of the more common frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding my fine art oil paintings, sketches, pastels and prints. If your question isn’t answered here or my explanation and the information given is unclear, please ask for help or assistance…:

How do I place an order? – Details are given in my how to order page or contact me either by e mail or telephone.

Do you accept commissions? – Occasionally, though I’m extremely fussy and busy. It really depends upon on the subject. Details are on my commissions page. It’s best to contact me and discuss in more detail.

Do you donate originals or prints to charities? – I’ve previously donated originals and prints and will certainly consider any request, especially for a good cause such as those associated with illness, animals and children.

Do you lease or loan artwork? – I would consider this on a case by case basis.

How did you get first get interested in painting? I’ve been interested in drawing and painting since I was a very, very young boy and won my first art competition aged 10. I was a prolific painter at school.

Are you a self taught Artist or do you have any formal training? I am entirely self taught since my art A level which I passed aged 16.

Do you accept students? – No. I am occasionally happy to give the odd lesson, guidance or advice however.

Do you exhibit? – Yes. Details are on my exhibitions page and I’ll consider any proposal or request on a case by case basis.

Do you allow copyright use? – Yes. Details are on my image use page and I’ll consider any request on a case by case basis.

Where do you get your inspiration? – From the Old Masters, live stage performances, films, TV, books, magazines, my photographer friends, the internet and life…

Can you give me advice about my artwork? – This is a common question and I try to answer all specific questions on a case by case basis, so feel free to ask, though there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to help… This interview this interview and this interview may give you a few tips from my perspective though. In the meantime and as I said in one of the interviews, if I had to give just 10 tips to an aspiring Artist, here’s what I’d probably say:

  1. Practice with many styles and techniques until you find one or more that you are happy with, then develop it / them over time.
  2. Be very critical of your own artwork. Spend time after each painting identifying the most important aspects that should be improved upon in the next painting and how you will try to achieve this.
  3. Don’t revisit a painting to make major corrections or changes. Move on and incorporate improvements in your next painting.
  4. Study the artwork of others that you like. Identify specifically what exactly it is that you like about it and how it was achieved. Try to replicate the effect in your artwork. Try also to find something about it that you feel could have been done better, however minor.
  5. Have a time budget for your artwork and try to stick to it.
  6. Don’t create artwork when you are not motivated.
  7. Take a break every few hours or when tired and relax. Rest your eyes.
  8. Strive for perfection, though you will never achieve it.
  9. Don’t put down your artwork to possible buyers or galleries or point out what you think are mistakes or areas that could have been done better.
  10. Be always on the lookout for inspiration in life and the many media around. Collect ideas and reference material in any form that have something about them that you like and use them to plan and create your own future artwork, though don’t copy anything without permission!

How do you achieve such results with a knife – Luck, lots of it. And the more I practice, the luckier I get. If I tell you any more than this I will have to kill you, you do realize…

How would you describe your artwork? – Traditional, classical realism with a hint of contemporary expressionism thrown in…

Which Artist is your biggest inspiration and influence? – William Bouguereau, by far. He was THE Master, for me…

Who do you most admire? – My Mum. I miss her to bits. She was an absolute workhorse, a tiger as her sister once told me, with a heart of pure gold who is now rummaging around in the great market in the sky, sipping Advocaat at Xmas. RIP Mum…

Would you like your artwork to be described as modern, cutting edge? – Absolutely not. There’s no ‘shock and awe’ in my artwork…

How can I see your artwork? – My upcoming exhibitions and galleries that have originals are listed in my representation page.

Do you create all your artwork yourself? – Yes, 100%, always.

May I use an image of your artwork? – It depends upon what for and all requests are considered in a case by case basis. Details are on my image use page and I’ll consider any request on a case by case basis.

May I represent you? – It depends upon who you are, the type of representation you are able to offer and your proposed terms, so please contact me along with details.

Where is your studio? – Unfortunately, within a segregated section of my home at the moment, though I’m planning to get one as soon as I can afford it.

What guarantees do you offer? – I have an unconditional returns policy and provide a one year warranty. Full details are provided in my terms and conditions page.

Do you have a brochure, blog or newsletter? – I just don’t have the time for a newsletter, though my website is now blog style and I also have a basic Tumblr blog, and post to my Facebook Page occasionally, I update my website frequently and I answer all e mails. My website is my brochure!

Do you have a mailing list? – Not as such, though I try to keep track of customers, companies and people who I regularly communicate with. If you wish to be kept up to date with anything, please let me know.

Who created and maintains your website? – Me, though I realize it’s quite basic, as I’m an Artist not a web designer. I’m not interested in any fancy graphics, though I’d like better search engine optimization, RSS feeds and a few features that are beyond me if anyone out there is willing to help me for a few free prints and some recognition…

I have a painting that is signed R Young, did you paint it? – Please send me a photo of it and I’ll let you know.

Do you export? – Yes. Around half of my artwork sells outside of the UK and mostly to the USA and Taiwan.

What form of payment do you accept? – Bank transfer, Paypal, cheque and cash, in that order of preference due to the financial charges by my lovely, caring bank.

How long will it take to arrive? – I usually dispatch within 2 or 3 working days, though if framing is involved, or if I’m travelling at the time of order, it may take a little longer. I always advise more specifically upon receipt of an inquiry.

May I pay by instalments? – Yes, and I will reserve the artwork following the initial payment.

Would you consider an offers on an original? – I would consider it, though cannot guarantee that I would accept. Try me…

What is your returns policy? – 14 days unconditional… Full details are provided in my terms and conditions page.

Is the artwork insured during shipment? – Yes, 100%.

How is the artwork packed? – Details are given in my how to order page.

Which postal service do you use? – The UK’s Royal Mail for prints and Parcel Force for originals. I also occasionally use other couriers for international shipments.

Are your prices all inclusive of taxes / VAT? – Yes, they are inclusive of all UK taxes and VAT. Any import taxes or customs duties in a receiving country are the buyer’s responsibility though.

Do you license the use of your artwork images? – Yes. Details are on my image use page and I’ll consider any request on a case by case basis.

Can you produce custom sized prints? – I can do, though it may take longer to prepare it. Please contact me along with details.

Can I buy a pastel unframed? – Yes, though care is needed when handling as they are sensitive, even though they are sealed, and I discount the frame cost. Please contact me along with details.

Can I buy an oil painting unframed? – Yes. All oil paintings are usually supplied framed, though I also recommend buyers to arrange this via a local bespoke framer in order that they may personally choose frame colours and designs to match their home decor and personal preferences. I will then discount the framing and reduced postage and packing charges.

Do you paint entirely using a knife? – Yes, for all new artwork since 2004. 100% Entirely…

Why then do you paint entirely using a knife? – Because I was wearing out a brush per painting and they were taking ages to clean and maintain, whereas a knife simply wipes clean and lasts for around 20 to 30 paintings before wearing out…

Do you ever allow other Artists to produce paintings for you? – No, never. Absolutely not. It’s unethical. Though be very careful, as some Artists do.

Are your artwork and images of your artwork copyright protected? – Yes. And I will take legal action against anyone who violates this without my prior written approval.

Do you ever reproduce artwork that has sold? – No, though be very careful, as some Artists produce almost identical copies of their artwork which proportionately diminishes the value.

Are you able to print on different media? – Yes, I can do, though it may take longer to prepare it, especially if I don’t carry stock. Please contact me along with details.

Do you sign all your artwork? – Yes, always.

Do you do interviews? – Occasionally: See this interview and this interview as examples, though I’m not great at them. If you represent a body who wishes to conduct one, please contact me to discuss the details.

Exactly what do the press say? – Please take a look at the press images on my Publications page, in addition to the above referenced interviews.

What do other artists and the public say? – Please take a look at websites where I post my artwork for critique such as Deviant Art, Paintings I Love, Red Bubble and Art Wanted amongst others.

Can you provide references? – Yes, certainly. My Testimonials are 100% genuine and I’ll happily put you in direct touch with galleries, artists, buyers and collectors who can vouch for me. Please contact me to discuss the details.

What gadget must you have? – My Samsung Galaxy S9 phone with images of my artwork on.

What gadget would you like to own? – A Bentley…

2010 May on 1098 in Stalag Al Hada, dreaming of the Great Escape.JPGWhat gadget do you miss? – My Ducati 1098 motorcycle. It was so exhilarating, wild fun and I became totally anonymous: Ageless, sexless, colourless. Everything. As I am in my mind, soul and dreams. The art of my Ducati and my artwork was all a part of my Great Escape plan. I escaped from my consulting work, along with conformism, responsibility and the dreaded inevitability of growing older…

Have you always been a biker? – Yep…

Why a Ducati 1098 motorcycle? – Because it’s a work of art. Sure, Japanese and British 2009 December Bike Parking Space.JPGmotorcycles are much cheaper, but that’s not the point. My Ducati 1098 was beautiful. The most beautiful motorcycle on the road for many years in my opinion and that’s exactly what matters the most to me. Price should not be the main determining factor when purchasing anything where quality, appearance and performance is important.

Why did you park your Ducati 1098 motorcycle in your  sitting room at night? – Because I couldn’t get it into my bedroom of course!

Are you motivated by money? – Only if there are lots of zeros to the right…

Who really shot JFK? – I ask this question myself quite frequently. I think Jackie may have done it to claim the insurance and pay for her lavish lifestyle!

I can’t find and answer to my question anywhere here or within your website? – Please contact  me and ask…

“Imagination is more important then knowledge…” – Albert Einstein

2009 December Bike Parking Space.JPG

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