All original oil paintings on a loose canvas and original pastels are usually supplied single or double mounted and framed behind non reflective glass, though they can be supplied unframed if required. Certain artwork has already been framed for aesthetics, Exhibitions, demonstration purposes or prior to sale, and hence below are just a few sample photographs of each style of artwork shown hung in the collector’s home or my home just for display. Should a higher resolution image be required for inspection, please let me know and I’ll happily email one as an attachment.

All framing is of a very high quality and each frame is special, carefully selected to complement the beauty and a key paint colour of the artwork.

The original oil paintings that I produce on a stretched canvas are usually supplied ready framed, though they can be supplied unframed as many collectors prefer either to purchase their own frame personally, matching both décor and artwork colours, or occasionally hang them unframed. Either way, the overall theme of the location must be carefully considered, be it a living room, lounge, hallway, bedroom, drawing room, corporate office or any other interior.  Also, other paintings in a collection. As an artist, I always recommend to invest in a high quality frame to enhance the atmosphere, though it’s a matter of personal choice and aesthetics. Should a collector wish to adjust the artwork composition by cropping slightly on one or more sides, this may also be done whilst framing. Please note though that in general, I do not paint the edges of the canvas to the sides of the stretcher bars.

I’m sure you’ll agree that my artwork is truly stunning, and even more so when framed!

Here are some framed originals:

Here are some framed pastels:

Here are some framed prints

And here are some unframed prints: