Here are image files for all of my calendars created since 2005.

Each calendar has the image artwork titles in the description when selected, for ease of reference. Those Originals that are still available for purchase are in red text and almost all are available as Prints. Please Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one.

Please feel free to download, distribute, print, and post copies of my calendars in appropriate locations, and please do send me a photograph if particularly unusual or high profile!

Please remember that I still retain Copyright for all artwork and images within all calendars…

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” – Pablo Picasso

2019 R Young Art dance calendar - Available artwork
Header: Sequential Dancer
January: Mystique
February / March: Arabian Coffee Awakes
April: Into the Light
May: Flamenco Woman
June / July: Dancing With The Stars
August: Subtle Confidence
September: Presence
October / November: Bellydance of the Pyramids
December: Tranquil Cellist
Header: The Jazz Legend
January: Soul Jazz
February / March: Acoustic Serenade
April: Daylight
May: Eclectic Sax
June / July: Contemporary Jazz Trumpeter
August: Sensational Sax
September: Freedom in Sax
October / November: Violist
December: Temperate Sax
Header: Flamenco Arms / Flamenco Soul / Contemporary Jazz Trumpeter
January: Elegance
February / March: Private Dancer
April: Composure
May: Demure Ballerina
June / July: Serene Tranquillity
August: Powerful Realization
September: Individuality
October / November: Dance Finale
December: Freedom
2017 fine art dance calendar
Header: Flamenco Arms / Flamenco Soul
January: Flamenco Woman
February: Sultry Dancer
March: That Tango Moment
April: The Passion of Dance
May: Leap of Faith
June: Reaching for Perfect Grace
July: Poise in Silhouette
August: Awareness
September: Deep Consideration
October: Solitaire
November: Dance Away
December: Graceful Enlightenment
2017 fine art dance attire calendar
Header: Purpose
January: Waiting in the Wings
February / March: The Passion of Dance
April: Leap of Faith
May: Exclusivity
June: Dance Emotion
July: Solitaire
August: Dance Emotion
September: The Passion of Dance
October / November: Dance Emotion
December: The Passion of Dance
2016 fine art dance calendar
Header: The Intensity of Flamenco / Moments
January: Musing Dancer
February: Presence
March: Invitation to Dance
April: Divine Grace
May: Individuality
June: With Deftness
July: Eclectic Dancer
August: Refined Grace
September: Exclusivity
October: Dance Intensity
November: Museful
December: Cherish
2015 fine art dance calendar
Header: Reverie
January: After the Dance
February and March: Last Tango in Paris
April: Genteel Dancer
May: Dance Alive
June and July: Dance Emotion
August: Dance Away
September: Bailarina a Solas del Flamenco
October and November: Arabian Coffee Awakes
December: Elegant Dancer
2014 fine art dance calendar
Header: Flamenco Arms
January: Presence
February: Leap of Faith
March: Divine Grace
April: Harmony and Light
May and June: Sequential Dancer
July and August: Bellydance of the Pyramids
September: Tranquil Cellist
October: Sultry Dancer
November: Emotional Awakening
December: Awareness
2013 fine art dance calendar
Header: Bailarina Orgullosa del Flamenco
January: Deep Consideration
February: Duende
March: With Deftness
April: Eclectic Dancer
May: Exquisite Reflection
June: Flamenco Woman
July: Inner Peace
August: Refined Grace
September: Dancer at Peace
October: Solitaire
November: Sultry Dancer
December: Emotional Cellist
2012 fine art dance calendar
Header: Cherish
January: The Passion of Dance
February: That Tango Moment
March: Divine Grace
April: Emotional Awakening
May: Halcyon Ballerina
June: Leap Into the Unknown
July: Reaching for Perfect Grace
August: With Strength and Grace
September: Intense Ballerina
October: Devotion to Dance
November: Graceful Enlightenment
December: Flamenco Dexterity
2011 fine art dance calendar
Header: The Privacy of Flamenco
January: Flamenco Arms
February: Deep Consideration
March: Flamenco Dexterity
April: Flamenco Soul
May: Dramatic Eclecticism
June: Dance Seclusion
July: Eclectic Dancer
August: Heaven’s Angel
September: Exquisite Reflection
October: Intense Ballerina
November: With Strength and Grace
December: Flamenco Performance
2010 fine art dance calendar
Header: Violist
January: Divine Grace
February: Duende
March: Turkish Delight
April: Sun Court Dancer
May: Flamenco Arrogancia
June and July: Arabian Coffee Awakes
August: La Nobleza del Flamenco
September: Light Elegance
October: Rubinesque Dancer
November: Leap into the Unknown
December: Dance Finesse
2009 fine art dance calendar
Header: Contemporary Jazz Trumpeter
January: Free Spirit
February: Desert Dancer
March: Bailarina a Solas del Flamenco
April: Poise in Silhouette
May: Inner Sanctuary
June: Pure Flamenco
July: Portrait of a Dancer
August: After the Dance
September: Dancer at Peace
October: Un Momento Intenso del Flamenco
November: Elegant Dancer
December: Encantado por Flamenco
2008 fine art dance and musician calendar
Header: The Intensity of Flamenco
January: Last Tango in Paris
February: Samba Celebration
March: Destiny’s Dance
April: Bailarina Orgullosa del Flamenco
May: The Passion of Tango
June and July: Bellydance of the Pyramids
August: Homage to Petra
September: Flamenco Woman
October: Eclectic Sax
November: Temperate Sax
December: Concentración del Funcionamiento del Flamenco
2007 fine art dance and musician calendar
Header: Barn Owl
January: That Tango Moment
February: After the Performance
March: Rebel Yell
April: The Passion of Dance
May: Acoustic Serenade
June: Tango Heat
July: Torrid Tango
August: Jazz Legend Archie Shepp
September: Tranquil Preparation
October: The Rhythm of Tango
November: For the Love of Tango
December: The Fountain of Tango
2006 fine art dance and figurative calendar
Header: Sacred
January: Sensations
February: Sax Player
March: Final Adjustments
April: The Art of Grace
May: Arrogance
June: Seduced by Death
July: Chastity
August: Carmen
September: Defiance
October: Sophisticate
November: Tragedy
December: Luminous
2005 fine art figurative calendar
Header: Meditation
January: Enchantress
February: Sacrifice
March: Melancholy
April: Exquisite
May: Misgivings
June: Progress
July: Refrained
August: Belief
September: Opinion
October: Lost
November: Remorse
December: Desertion