This is all of my figurative artwork. Select an image to see a larger version.

All are available as signed Prints at different sizes up to 60 cm wide. Typical sizes are A1: 60cm x 90cm and A2: 40cm x 60cm.

Those with red text are still available as Originals.

See my How to Order page should you wish to purchase either.

Other Merchandise and supplementary materials may be purchased through affiliate companies as referenced here.

Please check Image Use for details of how to obtain my permission to use one of my artwork images should this be required.

“Sexuality, poorly repressed, unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole World” Karl Kraus, 19th century Austrian philosopher.


Sophisticate. 70cm x 50cm. 2005.


Secrets. 70cm x 50cm.


Recollections. 70cm x 50cm.


Carmen. 70cm x 50cm.


Images. 70cm x 50cm.


Daydreams. 70cm x 50cm.


Moments. 51cm x 41cm.


Tragedy. 91cm x 61cm


Divinity. 91cm x 61cm.

The Passion Fine art original oil painting. 91cm x 61cm

The Passion. 91cm x 61cm.


Atonement. 120cm x 40cm



Chastity. 120cm x 60cm


Defiance. 91cm x 61cm







Desolation. 120cm x 40cm


Exquisite. 91cm x 61cm

Humility. 120cm x 40cm

Loss. 91cm x 61cm

Luminous. 91cm x 61cm

Portrait 1. 91cm x 61cm

Portrait 2. 91cm x 61cm

Remorse. 51cm x 41cm

Reposal. 91cm x 61cm

Reverie. 120cm x 40cm

Sacred. 120cm x 60cm

The Blessed Ludovica Albertoni. 120cm x 60cm

Allusion. 51cm x 41cm

Captivated. 51cm x 41cm

Connection. 51cm x 41cm

Defensive. 51cm x 41cm

Ethereal Dreams. 91cm x 61cm

Exploration. 51cm x 41cm

Indecision. 51cm x 41cm

Minx. 91cm x 61cm

Purpose. 51cm x 41cm

Rationality. 51cm x 41cm

Released. 61cm x 31cm

Resolute. 51cm x 41cm

Self Portrait. 51cm x 41cm

Sensations. 51cm x 41cm

Turmoil. 51cm x 41cm

Sophisticate. 70cm x 50cm

Arrogance. 70cm x 50cm

Analysis. 70cm x 50cm

Cherish. 70cm x 50cm

Coercion. 70cm x 50cm

Craving. 65cm x 50cm

Daring. 65cm x 50cm

Decisions. 70cm x 50cm

Desertion. 70cm x 50cm

Ecstacy. 70cm x 50cm

Enchantress. 65cm x 50cm

Escapism. 70cm x 50cm

Forsaken. 65cm x 50cm

Harmony. 65cm x 50cm

Inconsolable. 70cm x 50cm

Inspiration. 70cm x 50cm

Invitation. 70cm x 50cm

Lost. 65cm x 50cm

Museful. 70cm x 50cm

Offerings. 70cm x 50cm

Permission. 51cm x 41cm

Rapture. 70cm x 50cm

Refrained. 65cm x 50cm

Sensuous. 65cm x 40cm

Sorrow. 70cm x 50cm

Suspicion. 65cm x 50cm

The Lovers. 65cm x 50cm

Torment. 65cm x 50cm

Withheld. 70cm x 50cm





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