Freedom and Liberty

Soooo. at popular request by a few people who are very close to me, I did two versions of this, as an experiment. An extremely rare event for me. Freedom – A Classic R Young Art style, of course, and Liberty – a looser, more contemporary, richer version. Whilst the photo’s are blurred (pending scans), the contemporary version has over 4 times the volume of paint on it. ‘I love the smell of oil paint in the morning’ It’s deep, thick, rich, oozes texture and likely smells on a par with a masseuse in the interior of a showroom Bentley, compared with the soft, delicate refinement of my classic style. It will be an interesting feature in an upcoming unveiling critique session! Trust me on this one!
Anyway, to the point, what do YOU think? I have my opinion at present, though maybe I am blinkered.
Oh, and btw…, there’s good reason why she’s positioned slightly differently. It’s obvious? Sa? After all, you do consider all aspects of composition in a painting! Surely…! And with the lighting, there’s something different from my usual style that was very necessary for both techniques, but you realise that! Have fun…

By ryoungart

Berkshire based professional artist creating deeply passionate fine art in a contemporary realism style. I also undertake scanning and printing services, public and corporate art events, private coaching and commissions. Representation opportunities welcomed.

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