Scanning Services

Fine Art Scanning Services

I offer Fine Art Scanning Services to artists who wish to outsource it:

I use an Epson Expression 12000XL professional graphic arts A3 flatbed scanner and Silverlight scanning software.

Media scanned:
I am able to scan any type of flat faced two dimensional original, at almost any size, in any medium, whether flexible or rigid, to include loose canvas, stretched canvas, wood, board, paper, card, glass, slate, etc. Even delicate pastels, pencil sketches and chalk drawings. For artwork larger than A3 in size, I scan multiple A3 segments and seamlessly stitch them together using Adobe Photoshop professional graphics editing software to produce a perfect single scan file.
The artwork will be scanned as received. I can clean or edit minor blemishes using Photoshop if required.

I scan at the resolutions shown and at 48 bit colour. This is much greater than the 300dpi as required by most Publishers, Licensors and it allows prints to be made at 300dpi which are larger than the original.

I save the scan in an uncompressed tif format that allows future editing of the image file. I also create an uncompressed jpg file at the same high resolution for publishing, in addition to a medium resolution jpg format file for online print on demand publishing and a low resolution jpg format file for websites, social media and email use.

Delivery and transportation:
The original unframed artwork should be delivered to and collected from myself, suitably packed and protected from damage during transportation. My preference is for the artwork to be unframed and to deliver and collect in person, though via a courier service is acceptable and I can organize this via my contracted courier DHL or Parcel Force by prior arrangement and at an additional cost.

The original artwork should be fully insured against accidental damage during transportation and whilst being scanned. I do not provide insurance cover for the artwork of others.

I take care to edit out a reasonable amount of minor blemishes created during the scan using Adobe Photoshop software. Additional minor editing of certain areas to change from the original is also possible upon request, such as to remove the appearance of cracks in the original or minor damage.
Each scan is individually made, QC examined and passed by myself to verify its quality.

Copyright remains with the owner and is not transferred in any way by this service. I do not assume or accept copyright and I do not accept any responsibility for any infringement by anyone availing this service.

I need a flash drive, memory card or similar to be provided with the original artwork for storage of the scan files or I can provide one at an additional cost. I don’t keep copies of the scan files. I store all of own originals on my desktop computer’s hard drive and a backup drive in another location, just in case of a major disaster in one!

Scanning usually takes a few days, depending upon my schedule. Contact me and I will advise the best schedule I can realistically achieve.

The price per scan is as shown in the table below. Volume discounts are available. CONTACT me to discuss your requirements, arrange payment and delivery.

Scanning Service Price List
Scanning Service Price List

Here’s a sample 800 dpi scan of one of my oil paintings that has been cropped and converted from a tif format to a compressed jpg. The area of the scan file shown is a few cm. Select the image to zoom in:

Fine Art Scanning Services. Subtle Confidence close up
Subtle Confidence fine art oil painting close up section of scanned file

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