Fine Art Event Nights

Fine Art Event Nights

A series of creative practical live workshop classes using acrylic paints where I will give a live demonstration and explain the process step by step. All conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments available.

An Introduction to Knife Painting

The basics, starting with knife control techniques, followed by the creation of a painting on a 30cm x 40cm stretched canvas using these techniques by all attendees.
Prior experience in any form of painting is not necessary and all ages are welcome.
Experience the ‘thrills and spills’ of painting using a knife and feel that rich, creamy texture of paint as you create a painting on canvas to take home. Buttering toast will simply never be the same again! That’s a promise…
All required high quality art materials and aprons will be provided and these events will be conducted around a theme of:

  • Fun – Thoroughly enjoyable and sociable
  • Art – Creative, educational, informative and colourful
  • Bubbles – Refreshments to lubricate the process

Agenda (150 – 180 minutes total):

Backgound – The basic essentials before we start the actual painting (20 minutes):

  1. A brief introduction to myself, my art practice and 16 years of professional art experience, 13 years using a knife
  2. Why knife painting? – The advantages and disadvantages
  3. Types of knives available and the ones we will use
  4. The techniques of this ‘basics’ class
  5. How to apply paint with a knife – Demonstration / Workshop
    • How to hold the knife
    • How to apply paint to the palette for each knife and texture desired
    • How to collect the paint on the knife for each level of detail and texture
    • How to apply paint for each texture and effect
  6. How to transfer reference images to the canvas for each level of accuracy desired and the various methods practiced

Painting Creation – Demonstration / Workshop (120 – 150 minutes)

  1. Creation of the background – Knife painting practice session
  2. Creation of the image outline
  3. Creation of the main image, stage by stage

Conclusion (10 minutes)

  1. Q&A
  2. Feedback – Form
  3. Upcoming Events

Upcoming Public Events

Back to Black – A figurative portrait of Amy
Location: TBA 
Date: TBA
Duration: Up to 3 hours
Time: TBA
Price: £TBA

Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
Back to Black – Amy Winehouse



Life’s a Beach – Idyllic Beach Scene
Location: The Two Poplars, Finchampstead Road, Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 2NU
Date: Wednesday 7 February, 2020
Duration: Up to 3 hours
Time: 18.00 – 21.00
Price: £30

Life's a Beach - Idyllic Beach Scene
Life’s a Beach – Idyllic Beach Scene



Raptor – Portrait of a bird of prey
Location: TBA
Date: TBA
Duration: Up to 3 hours
Time: 17.00 – 2.00
Price: £30

Raptor - Portrait of a peregrine falcon
Raptor – Portrait of a peregrine falcon

Further details and event themes to follow…

All Fine Art Event Nights are available as Corporate (Team Building) Events, to companies, organisations and groups, either within their facility or an external venue that I am able to arrange if required.

I have 16 years of professional art experience and several decades of experience in delivering training presentations and workshops to attendees of all levels of experience and age. I so enjoy sharing my art experience and capabilities with anyone who will benefit.

Further details will also be posted on my Facebook Page.

Sponsorship opportunities are welcomed and are currently being discussed with Loxley and Hobbycraft.