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Art Gift Ideas and Vouchers

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The above products all make perfect gifts for that special person and occasion. They may be delivered to yourself or directly to the recipient as a separate delivery address may be added at checkout.

When gift wrapping is purchased, this is added around the product with the protective shipping packaging on the outside so that it may be removed without damaging the gift wrapping. The gift wrapping is personalised to the event as much as possible: ie: Anniversary / Xmas / Valentine / Birthday / Mother’s Day / Father’s Day, Etc…

In addition to the above products, the following services may also be purchased as gifts:

ART EVENT – For groups, parties and companies – CONTACT me to discuss the details.

COMMISSIONCONTACT me to discuss the details.

COACHING CALL – A personalised one-on-one call to help an artist with their art practice.

Gift Wrapping – After adding a specific product from the associated page to your basket, gift wrapping may  also be added here:

Gift Vouchers – Purchase a gift voucher for any amount that can be used as full or part payment for any product or service on my website. Simply enter the amount below and I will email you or the nominated recipient with a personalised voucher code valid for one year (extendable if needed).

Voucher recipient name:

Voucher recipient email address:

Voucher occasion:

Voucher amount:

Product gift wrapping:


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