Ltd Edition Prints – 888 Collection

Ltd Edition Prints - 888 Collection. More Information About Fine Art - Publisher Felix Rosensteils publication of their 888 Collection featuring the artwork of Richard Young

Ltd Edition Prints – 888 Collection Several of my beautiful dancer paintings are now published by Rosensteils of Chelsea, London as a part of their stunning new 888 Collection of Ltd Edition Prints. These prints are available only via Rosensteils and to the trade only. Further Prints and Ltd Edition Prints are also available directly […]

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Feature in Berkshire Life – January 2019

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I was very fortunate to be interviewed for a feature in the January edition of Berkshire Life magazine, as per the attached photo. The theme of the January issue is Confidence, hence my painting Subtle Confidence is a perfect match! The original and prints are available should you be interested! My sincere thanks to the […]

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Art & Museum magazine, Spring 2017

Art & Museum - Spring 2017 page 87

See Pages 84 and 85 of Art & Museum magazine, Spring 2017… Open / Download the full magazine here. Note that it’s in two magazine sections, the first section is the Family Office section, the second section is the Art & Museum section. The article about myself is in the second section. It’s an excellent magazine […]

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