Figurative Fine Art Gallery: Fine art oil paintings and pastels of figures and portraits.

Available Original Artwork is noted in the description below the image and may be purchased by adding to the basket. Most Figurative Fine Art Gallery artwork is available as Prints, Ltd Edition Hand Embellished Prints and Ltd Edition Resin Coated Prints and may be purchased via the associated prints page. Alternatively, see my How to Order page or contact me either by e mail or telephone to arrange payment and delivery. Wholesale and trade prices are available for galleries and other art related businesses.

Other Merchandise and supplementary materials may be purchased through affiliate companies.

Please check Image Use for details of how to obtain my permission to use my Figurative Fine Art Gallery artwork images should this be required.

My Facebook Page contains more information about some of this Figurative Fine Art Gallery artwork.

Please be aware that this gallery of my Artwork contains some images suitable only for sensible adults so please ensure that you are of legal age to view such material, you are not located within a country, location or ISP that prohibits viewing such images and you do not find such images to be in any way offensive.

“Sexuality, poorly repressed, unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole World” Karl Kraus, 19th century Austrian philosopher.