About the Artist – Richard Young

About the Artist - Richard Young - Self Portrait
About the Artist – Richard Young – Self Portrait

Welcome to the R Young Art website, an online art gallery featuring the original, fine art oil paintings, pastels and prints by myself. I am a UK national, born in Yorkshire in 1961, and now based in Wokingham, Berkshire, UK where I have my office and studio.

Though I have always had a flair for pencil and chalk drawing, I began oil painting at the age of 12, studied hard, developed a talent and practiced in every spare moment, enjoying early regional competition success and media publicity for my work in the North of England. Fortunately, my tutors recognized my skill and encouraged me to undertake both my Ordinary and Advanced level art exams a few years earlier than my peers, which I passed with the top grades. Being financially driven at that time, in 1983 I graduated in engineering and with a passion to travel, I initially pursued a career as a design consultant with various International design consulting companies, residing primarily in the Middle East. Nevertheless, an artisan at heart, I returned to Commercial Art in 2003, initially as a semi professional freelance artist, and have extensively developed artistry and my own personal style through exhaustive self tuition and ‘burning’ the midnight oil. I actively display my artwork in my R Young Art website, galleries, magazine publications, shows and exhibitions and I am a member of the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS).

About the Artist - Richard Young - Exhibition Interview Presentation
About the Artist – Richard Young – Exhibition Interview Presentation

In addition and as a minimum, I adhere fully to the requirements of The Consumer Contracts Regulations and Consumer Rights Act.

About the Artist – Richard Young. So… The style of my artwork is modern, yet classical / traditional and occasionally contemporary. The composition and technique I use is influenced and inspired by the realism and romanticism of my favourite post renaissance classical Masters and their wonderful, timeless masterpieces. Especially William Bouguereau, as his artwork was full of beauty and passion…

Predominantly figurative, the tendency of my artwork is towards carefully composed anonymity, capturing the emotions and self belief of the subject, rather than characteristic individual representation. The creation of figurative artwork not only depicts the emotions of the artist, it transforms the artist’s emotions. Also, it is far easier for all of us to carefully scrutinize figurative artwork and judge its anatomical accuracy, often creating a more personal understanding of specific favourite pieces. My figurative artwork is full of passion and is occasionally sensual. My ballerinas and flamenco / belly / tango dancers are passionate, moody, atmospheric and emotional, with a frozen realism. My musicians and singers come alive in their passionate performance. My wildlife is alive and leaps from the canvas. My preferred lighting, shading and contrast are dramatic. I simply adore light and am fascinated with its arguably undue influence on any subject. After all, without light, what is art? Unlike the vast majority of past and current artists, I delve extensively between the extremes of highlights and lowlights in my artwork in a chiaroscuro technique, occasionally minimalist, often leaving the viewer’s mind to complete the picture and to add depth. I always strive to create an atmosphere and passion in whatever I produce using traditional methods and techniques, at the highest possible quality and using mostly a knife, very occasionally a brush, canvas and a very limited colour palette of oil paint or pastels, often alla prima, mixing only on the canvas!

I am often asked “why dancers?”, or what’s the theme to your artwork and it’s simple. The theme is PASSION… The dancers, musicians and even the wildlife share one commonality. PASSION. I have a tremendous passion for everything I do and my artwork in particular. I therefore make every possible effort to capture the passion in the subjects I paint.

I am also extremely analytical and self critique each painting upon completion in a systematic manner, as anyone who has attended an unveiling session in my home and studio will know.

Hey – But tell me what you think!

“The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.” – Kurt Vonnegut

And in the words of Shakespeare himself: “The excellence of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeables evaporate, from their being in their close relationship with beauty and truth.” As for me, I just love the smell of oil paint in the morning…

I’ve kept this profile / biography quite brief, which should be read in conjunction with the frequently asked questions on the FAQ page. However, if you require a formal Artist’s Statement or more information about myself, the Artist, Please don’t hesitate to Contact me.

Here’s my Art Bio

The R Young Art website design and development is entirely my own, though my capabilities are fairly limited in this regard hence I’ve tried to make it simple yet informative and easy to navigate.

The More Information page contains a number of sub-pages with lots more additional information relative to myself and my artwork.

The Exhibitions page contains a summary of all the exhibitions I’ve participated in.

Meanwhile, my artwork is proudly displayed in galleries, corporate offices and the residences of private collectors worldwide…

And if you like my R Young Art website, PLEASE share it with your friends and Friend / Like me here:

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R Young Art on Facebook

PS: I am a foodie, I love fine wines, travel, culture, photography, cinema and I have a serious sense of humour!

About the Artist - Richard Young - I love travel, dining out and prosecco!
About the Artist – Richard Young – I love travel, dining out and prosecco!



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