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2017 fine art dance calendar
2017 fine art dance calendar
Header: FLAMENCO ARMS and FLAMENCO SOUL January: FLAMENCO WOMAN February: SULTRY DANCER March: THAT TANGO MOMENT April: The Passion of Dance May: Leap of Faith June: Reaching for Perfect Grace July: Poise in Silhouette August: AWARENESS September: DEEP CONSIDERATION October: Solitaire November: Dance Away December: GRACEFUL ENLIGHTENMENT

As you can see, I’ve updated the calendar page with all of my free


calendars, to include 2017!

Lots of other pages have been updated too. More will be done each week until complete…

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Starving Artist, burning the midnight oil and candle at both ends... The style of my artwork is modern, yet classical. Predominantly figurative, the tendency of my artwork is towards carefully composed anonymity, capturing the emotions and self belief of the subject, rather than characteristic individual representation. The creation of figurative artwork not only depicts the emotions of the artist, it transforms the artist's emotions. Art should be proudly displayed, carefully scrutinized, and in order to benefit to the fullest extent possible, it should be understood from the perspective of its creator - the artist. My figurative artwork is sensual and my ballerinas and dancers are passionate, moody and emotional. My preferred lighting, shading and contrast are dramatic. I simply adore light and am fascinated with its arguably undue influence on any subject. I delve extensively between the extremes of highlights and lowlights in my artwork in a chiaroscuro technique, occasionally minimalist, often leaving the viewer's mind to complete the picture and to add depth. I always strive to create an atmosphere in whatever I produce, at the highest possible quality and using either a knife or brush and a very limited colour palette of oil paint or pastels, usually alla prima, mixing and blending only on the canvas!

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